Supported components of the Java agent

Here is a list of common components that the Nudge APM Java agent supports automatically.

This list is not exhaustive because the agent recognizes automatically implementations of some APIs (such as Servlet, JDBC, …).

Furthermore, if the default transaction detection does not cover a particular context, you still can add the transaction manually with a custom tracer.


The agent conforms to the Java instrumentation specification (starting at version 1.5). Thus, it was compatible with all the JVMs we ever tested. Event if your JVM is not in this list, it can work correctly. This list is not exhaustive.

Containers and application servers

The agent is configured by using a JVM argument. Thus, it is quite independent from the container that runs above the JVM. The agent is then compatible with most containers. Moreover, the following list is not exhaustive.

The agent installation process depends on the container.


The agent does not need any container (or application server). As a standalone application, its installation is even easier.


The agent handles automatically all implementations of some specifications. Thus, the following list is not exhaustive.


Frameworks and other tools


The support of databases by the agent provides a monitoring broken down by statement.


The agent is able to detect any JDBC implementation,thus the following list is not exhaustive.

Connection pool


Much more with custom tracers

You can add your own tracers with the trace_classpath_regex parameter or with the @Trace annotation from the agent API in order to detect any kind of transaction.